The Refit. . .

On what could turn out to be the hottest weekend of the year we (with a lot of help from a fantastic team of contractors) undertook turning our much loved (but a little tired) salon into Loughran Hague.

I think its safe to say it was a pretty emotional journey for us all.

We've all worked for Roger Sherwood Salon for what is considered an age in the hairdressing world and we've all loved it, but the time has come for a new adventure.

Its a bit like moving house - where did all this stuff come from? And why on earth have we still got it?

After all the clearing out we gave the staff a very rare weekend off and let the boys do their stuff!

We wanted to create a space that, above all else, lifted the spirits when you walk in. The light came pouring through just by reshaping the archway into a more contemporary rectangle.

With bespoke solid oak workbenches, new led lighting, new flooring, repositioned mirrors, new reorientated backwash, fresh new décor, reorganised dispensary and a whole new reception area we think we achieved just that.

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