A little bit greener or "Here comes the science bit!"

So here we are. #earthday 2018.

And its made us start to think about the "footprint" we are leaving from our day to day waste at the salon.

Hair salons get a bad rap for their impact on the environment. We use a lot of energy sources while we're making you all look and feel better. But there are things we can do to improve our environment, and as we move into our second year, we intend to do just that.

When we did the refit, we changed all the lighting to LED. We already recycle all our paper and magazines and during the next few weeks we'll start to recycle any plastics and metals we use (including those foils we put in your hair and the tubes the colour comes from)

We've also been looking into ways to recycle the hair we cut. Human hair is a fantastic source of nitrogen. when mixed with compost can be highly beneficial to plants and crops. (Some of us who have been here - ahem - a while! will remember a elderly gentleman who used to pop in and ask for a bag of hair to put on his roses - he was way ahead of us)

In San Francisco there is a scheme for salons to donate all the hair they would otherwise throw away to be made into special pads used to soak up oil spills in the ocean.

How amazing is that?

We've been in touch with the local council to ask if they would be interested in a regular donation of hair to be mixed with their current form of compost - this could be used for planting up Bath Gardens for instance. They seemed a bit taken aback by this suggestion - but hopefully we've planted the seed .

(maybe literally one day!)

We also have an increasing collection of plants in the salon. These aren't just there to look nice (although they do)

Salons have an ever decreasing level of air quality due to all the airborne chemicals used on a daily basis.

Plants in any workplace can have huge benefits - research by NASA no less, has found staff wellbeing improved by up to 47%. Stress reduced by up to 50%. Productivity improved by 20% and airborne chemicals found in hair salons such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and trichloroethylene reduced by a massive 87% as well as removing 60% of airborne dust and mould. (yuk. . )

All from a few plants in the office.

They're small steps, and we'll keep reviewing ideas - but its a start.

Happy Earth Day.

(if you fancy a bag of super nitrogen packed additive - or hair as we like to call it - feel free to pop in!)

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