nothing changes if nothing changes

we did it. we changed. it was a big decision, we talked about it for months, did our homework, talked to clients and then we went ahead and completely changed our whole colour range.

a year ago, we took on the new muk haircare styling range, we loved it and quickly added their amazing shampoo, conditioner and argan spa range to our retail shelves and backwash.

then muk haircare launched their new hybrid cream hair color.

it was a totally new system - "one tube six results"

meaning we could tailor the amount of coverage and lift

to suit every individual.

it took muk 5 years of extensive research and development to formulate a product that uses 80% naturally derived ingredients and a unique blend of oils.

its 100% cruelty free, PETA approved and vegan.

oh, and the colours are gorgeous. . .

so we became a muk exclusive authorised salon.

you wont get this colour anywhere else in bakewell.

with over 103 intermixable shades, we have the artistic freedom to create a truly unique and personal colour for each and everyone of our clients.

its been a month and so far, everybody loves it. we've fallen in love with colour again.

the colours are rich without any of the underlying brassiness that other colour ranges have.

clients have told us it feels much more comfortable on the scalp,they love our new enthusiasm and muk haircare are such a lovely supportive company.

we're so happy we joined the muk family

and we know you will be too.

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