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Hello Again!

We hope you and yours are well.

Its been a strange time. But to make it all seem a tiny bit more normal, we are excited to announce we've had the go ahead to open our doors and welcome you all back.

The salon has been spruced up a little here and there and if you're reading this you will have noticed we've launched a new website and our online booking system. This is purely for your convenience and you are still very welcome to make your appointment the traditional way - in fact we love to see or hear from you!

We have a few new requirements and guidelines that we need you to agree to on visiting the salon and if , like us, you're desperate to get some colour back in your life we will need you to complete an "Allergy Alert Test" beforehand.

This is due to a slight risk of increased sensitivity from receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine, possibly having had Covid-19 or any home hair colouring you may have subjected your hair to in the last 6 months!

We will need to complete this 2 - 5 days before your colour appointment so please bear this in mind when booking in. Feel free to call the salon for more information.

All staff completed an online Barbicide course on sterilisation and disinfection earlier in the year and there are protocols in place in line with all government guidelines. all PPE for staff and clients is provided and is above and beyond government requirements so you can rest assured your in safe hands.

Unfortunately we are still unable to provide magazines at this time but we have a free online service for our clients and coffee, tea and chilled bottled water is available.

Please feel free to call with any other queries you may have and we'll do our best to ease your concerns.

Hope to see you all soon. x

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