the grand reopening!

Hello stranger!

we hope you and your family are well.

Its such a strange time. but to make it all seem a tiny bit more normal, we are excited to announce we've had the go ahead to open our doors and welcome you all back.

The salon may look a little different and so might we, but underneath all the PPE its still the same old us and we're looking forward to catching up with you

( contrary to recent media scaremongering - we are allowed to chat! )

we have a few requirements and guidelines that we need you to agree to before we can book you in so please call the salon ( we cannot accept any walk-in clients until further notice) - if you try and message us on social media it can easily get missed and we wouldn't want that when you've all been so patient!

here is a guide to put your mind at rest on visiting the salon.

All staff have completed a online Barbicide course on sterilisation and disinfection and there are protocols in place in line with all government guidelines. all PPE for staff and clients is provided and is above and beyond government requirements so you can rest assured your in safe hands.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide magazines and hot beverages at this time but fresh water is available.

please feel free to call with any other queries you may have and we'll do our best to ease your concerns.

Hope to see you all soon. x

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